Nature is under severe threat with plants and animals becoming extinct partly because of the way we live our lives.  But we can change this. In our local action group we are:
  • Planting trees to:
    • Absorb carbon dioxide
    • Provide us with oxygen
    • Provide shelter to birds and insects
  • Planting ‘bee corridors’ which provide pollinators with nectar.
  • Asking gardeners and farmers to give up chemicals such as pesticides and weedkillers. These distort the natural checks and balances, often destroying unintended plants and animals.
  • Promoting protecting soil structure and the improvement of soils with organic matter such as compost.
  • With Henfield Garden Club, beginning a hedgehog preservation project, mapping where local hedgehogs have been seen.
  • Working with Henfield Conservation Volunteers to protect the local environment.
We are planning some exciting local projects for 2021 to support our local biodiversity. You can help too by following Tony’s Gardening Tips: Gardening tips 2020
Henfield Hedgehog 2020