Sustainable Henfield ask you to save some plastics which can’t be recycled in the blue-topped Council bins and take them to our recycling points in Henfield.  We send them to Terracycle where the plastic is made into other products, and they send money to our chosen charity – Henfield Haven.

For a downloadable list of what can be recycled and where, please click here

What we accept and who takes itWhat we don’t accept
Hamfelds (box by till in shop) accept Flexible dishwasher, laundry tablet/capsule/pod packaging,
Lenor tumble dryer sheets,
Surface cleaning wipes packaging, tinted rigid tubs and tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps.
All trigger sprays
Soap pumps, caps and refill packaging
Shampoo & shower gel lids
NO cleaning bottles or glass containers,
Plug-in air fresheners
Baby wipes
Radmalls Funeral Services
(in a wheelie bin to side of building) accept:
Crisps and snack packs, any type & size Ideally fold in half and put into the larger crisp/snack packs. See clip here.
Nuts, popcorn, pretzels and pork scratching packets – Any type and any size including multipacks
NO crisp packets folded into triangles or knotted
Post House Café (in a wheelie bin in garden) accept:
Chocolate and sweets plastic wrappers
Biscuit, cake or cracker plastic wrappers
Pringles Crisp Tubes including plastic lids and paper. Ideally please flatten tube as per this clip.
NO aluminium foil, cardboard, cellophane and paper wrappers.
Individual sweet wrappers, eg Quality Street or Ferrero Rocher
Swains Farm Shop & Henfield Haven (in a wheelie bin in the grounds) accept: Cat and dog plastic food pouches,
Treat packs
& dry food plastic packs
(must be rinsed & dry)
NO plastic or tin foil trays,
Dry pet food paper packaging
Goodness Henfield (box in shop) accept:
Pens, felt tips,
mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, correction fluid containers
NO wooden pencils, wax crayons or glue sticks
Natasha Beauty Salon (in a bin outside) accept:
Makeup tubes: eg mascara, lipstick, blusher, lip gloss, bronzer, eye shadow containers
Face cream pots & lids.
Facial wipe packs.
Roll-on deodorants
Lids from aerosol deodorants
NO glass or metal containers, aerosols or plastic bottles,
Baby wipe packaging
Bespoke Interiors (inside shop) accept: Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes & caps. Dental floss containers & plastic packagingNO pump toothpaste tubes, Electric toothbrush stems
Floss or dental sticks
4 Seasons Dry Cleaners (in a bin outside the shop) accept:
Branded bread loaf bags eg Hovis, Warburtons, Kingsmill, Tescos
NO packaging from bread rolls, bagels, pretzels, crumpets, naans or similar products. NO other plastic bags
Stokes Newsagent (in a bin outside the shop) accept:
Baby food/yoghurt pouches
(please rinse and replace lid)
Ella’s kitchen baby food snack packets
Rushfields Garden Centre, Poynings (in a bin inside by exit) accept:
Cheese pouches or individual cheese wrapper, eg cheddar. Sliced cheese protective film. Plastic nets for mini cheeses. Please rinse out and dry
 NO plastic tubs or trays, cheese boxes, aluminium cheese wrappers, wax and waxed paper, slice dividers or squeezy tubes.
Henfield Eye Care (inside shop) accept:
Contact lenses and their blister pack and foil
NO rigid gas permeable contact lenses or contact lens solution bottles
Relish Café (accepts recycling inside the café)
Kenco coffee refill bags and plastic lids Tassimo and L’Or coffee machine discs/pods & foil packs
(Note: a reusable stainless steel coffee pod is now available for all coffee machines, so please use this instead of plastic pods. Or use a cafetiere or Aeropress)
NO other makes of coffee recyclables

If you would like ideas of how to store this at home please look at this clip: 11 Ways to Make Collecting Waste at Home Easy – The TerraCycle Blog

Who pays for the Recycling

We collect these waste streams via the Terracycle Free Recycling Programme.  There are now over 50 brands, manufacturers and retailers who pay for their plastic waste to be sent and processed into plastic pellets.  Below is a list of who pays for our recycling streams:

Recycling StreamManufacturer/Brand/Retailer
Air, home and laundryProctor and Gamble
Soap pumps and refill packsCarex and Baylis and Harding
Crisp and snack packsWalkers
Popcorn, pretzels, nutsKP Nuts
Biscuit, cracker and cake wrappersPladis
Confectionery wrappersNestles
Cat and dog food plastic packagingMars Petcare & Purina PetCare
Writing instrumentsBiC
Personal care and beauty productsGarnier
Makeup, tubes and beauty wipesBurts Bees
Dental care productsColgate
Bread loaf bagsHovis
Baby food & yogurt pouchesElla’s kitchen and Danone
Cheese wrappersCathedral City
Contact lenses, blister packs/foilsAcuvue
Coffee podsTassimo

Terracycle then pays a certain amount straight to Henfield Haven according to the weight sent.  In November 2019, Terracycle reached the milestone of raising £1million for UK charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations. 

What sort of products from the recycled plastics?

The plastic is reduced in size by being shredded or ground, then melted and reformed into pellets, flakes or powder and sold to manufacturers to make other products.

Examples include: outdoor furniture and decking, plastic shipping pallets, watering cans, storage containers and bins, tubes for construction application, flooring tiles, playground surface covers and athletic fields, and many more.

Please come and be part of our Team

We have over 50 lovely volunteers who support our high street shops/businesses and collect, sort, pack and send it off.  If you would like to be part of our team, please do get in touch –  The more helpers we have the less we each have to do.

Thank you for continuing to help us keep this plastic out of landfill