Have you ever been to one of the Household recycling tips and been horrified by the amount of things that have been thrown away, when they could have been repaired?

This why we have set up this community resource in Henfield so we don’t use up the world’s vital resources.  We are working in partnership with the Henfield Shed and the Computer Club.

Our Repair Café is different as the repairers do not all getting together to repair items, but are working in small groups.  In this way, heavy equipment does not have to be moved, we don’t have to pay for a room, there is camaraderie, and they learn new skills together in their particular area of expertise.

If you would like to become a repairer, please let us know.  It can be very rewarding as well as making new friends.

How it works

All requests are taken at the SH2030 Monday Market stall in Henfield Hall which runs between 9am – 1pm, or at our stall at the Trader’s market on the 1st Sunday on the month outside Henfield Hall.

Do come without the item for repair, unless it is a piece of jewellery, as these repairers have a stall in the Monday Market.  You will be asked to read the Repair Café ‘House Rules’ and then complete the request form.   Please note: we don’t repair items in competition with local businesses. eg clocks and watches, white goods, lawn mowers and picture frames.

After the market the form is given to the relevant repairer who will contact you to discuss the repair and then you take the item to them.  If a part is needed, then you will be asked to purchase this.

Not all items can be repaired and if this is the case, you must collect the item from the repairer.

Once the repair has been made, you will need to collect it and give a donation to the repairer.  This should be commensurate with the length of time that the repair has taken, but in most cases at least £5 – £10.

Repairs can be accepted for the following items:

Electric / electronic / mechanical items

Jewellery and leather items

Bikes or learning how to carry out maintenance

Textiles, clothing and trainers.

Computers and tablets

Wood repairs and tool sharpening

Please do consider using this service before buying new items