For a full guide to what and where things can be recycled across the County then just click here.

Of course this is a general guide, and here at Sustainable Henfield we hope to be able to help you to dispose of as much of your waste / recycling as you can, in the right way and at a very local level.

Remember to consider the 7 ‘R’s (see panel to the right) as the basic principles of Recycling.

Help is at Hand

If you would like further help to sort out your household recycling we are happy to help you. We ask you to keep 1 or 2 week’s waste that you feel you could recycle, ie paper, cardboard, plastic and metal, then we will go through it with you. Contact us at

Do click on each of these pictures to get more information:

Scrunchable Plastic
Hard Plastic
Blue Topped Bins
Recycling for Charity
Terracycle Plastic Recycling
PPE Recycling
Repair Cafe