Recycling for Charity

Sustainable Henfield has set up collection points, mainly in Henfield high street, where you can donate items for charity or recycling. Many people have items they no longer need that are cluttering up their home – so maybe now is the time to de-clutter and help others? You can download and print the full list here, or keep scrolling to explore the details.

(Where the charity isn’t stated, our chosen charity is Henfield Haven).

What? Where?What Happens to Donations?
Plastic Milk Bottle TopsCornerweighsHenfield has for many years supported the Springboard Project, a Horsham based Charity which helps disabled people achieve their potential and nurtures unemployed people of any age into work. The charity make money from the milk bottle tops we collect for them, which are made into other plastic products.
Plastic Bottle TopsKaties Nuttery (behind Radmalls)Plastic bottle tops smaller than a jam jar size cannot be recycled in a blue top bin and can’t be left on a bottle or jar. Please collect and recycle these rather than sending them to landfill where they will stay unchanged for up to 1000 years. We take them to Biffa who sell them to manufacturers to make other plastic products.
Natural CorksKaties Nuttery Any natural corks (not plastic ones) can now be recycled via Recorked UK. They sell them and give a percentage of the profits to four charities.

Ring pulls from drinks cans

Henfield FlooringThe Purple Community Fund is an organisation which helps people living in the slums of Manilla, Philippines. They have set up health clinics, education programmes, employment for men and artisan groups for women. With the ring pulls they make handbags, clothing and accessories which they can sell to feed their families. Please collect ring pulls, just from drinks cans – like beer, coke or tonic cans. There is a jar in Henfield Flooring where you can add your contributions, and we will ensure they are sent out to the Philippines. 

Hearing Aids

Radmalls Funeral Service

WHO estimates that 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, but currently annual production of hearing aids meet less than 10% of global needs. So please if you have any old, damaged or unwanted hearing aids or in-date batteries or other hearing assistive equipment, please donate them and they will be sent to projects around the world.


Henfield EyecareHenfield Lions collect unwanted and damaged spectacles and sunglasses. These are sorted and those in good condition are sent to projects abroad in places such as: Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal. Scrap metal from damaged glasses raises funds for eye related projects, and so far has raised £675k.

Henfield Leisure Centre

Against Breast Cancer runs a bra recycling scheme to fund breast cancer research. They also send bras to African countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya where bras are too expensive to produce locally

Unused cosmetics & hair, soap & sanitary products
Unwanted gifts

Pinks hair salon

Henfield residents have been supporting the Oasis Project in Brighton via Pinks Hair Salon for a long time.  The charity supports women who have drug and alcohol addictions, some maybe sex workers and some are homeless. They run therapy sessions for the entire family and crèche facilities for children.  The donations also support their families, so items for children and men and are also needed.   The organisation Easho supports this charity and people can donate money or buy wish list items here.

Printer cartridges

Bespoke Interiors

These should be recycled as it reduces the amount of single use plastic, aluminium and steel sent to landfill, conserves natural resources and new energy to make new products.  Money we receive for cartridges is donated to Henfield Haven.  Please don’t give us toner cartridges as we cant sell them.

Postage stamps / stamp collections

Christina’s Afternoon TeaShop

Do collect any stamps from letters / parcels.  If you have a stamp collection that you no longer want, please donate it to us and we will sell it to make money for Henfield Haven.
Coins/notes (old or foreign)

RSP Food and Wine

Many people have old coins/notes of English and foreign currencies at home which they don’t need.  These can be donated and sold to make money for Henfield Haven

Mobile Phones

Gallery BN5

If you have any old mobiles you don’t want, we sell these online to raise money for Henfield Haven.  We ask you please to unlock your mobile without passwords, as all the data will be wiped before being sold.

Please also let us have any extra recharging cables and accessories.

iPads & Tablets, and LaptopsAll Things CoveredAny old electronic iPad, tablets or laptops you don’t want can be sold to raise money for Henfield Haven. We will wipe your hard drive before it is sold.
Cameras, tools, electrical items, TV’s, bikes, games,
watches, furniture or anything that can be sold
Southdown Galleries or email Ruth RobothamIf you have any unwanted items, please donate them to us so we can sell them online to raise money for local good causes.
Old textiles, clothes, shoes, boots and handbagsAge UKWe often have old materials, fabrics, clothes we know longer want which are not suitable to give to anyone else. Also, shoes, boots and handbags. These can all be taken to the back of the Age UK shop, but must be in separate bags marked, rags, shoes/boots or handbags. They receive money for these.
Sleeping bags, tents,
Men’s medium jeans
T-shirts, new underpants
Shoes/boots/ trainers size 7-9 Unused sun cream toothbrushes, soap
Food: dried or tinned
Email Celia EmmottCelia has been involved in Care4Calais which works with refugees in Calais, Brussels and Dunkirk. Volunteers go to areas daily where refugees gather to provide basic needs to their fellow human beings, who often arrive with no shelter or footwear and have inappropriate clothing. Daily meals are provided by the Refugee Community Kitchen run by volunteers. Please email Celia using the link in the previous column to let her know any items you can offer or any practical or financial help you can give.
InhalersLloyds PharmacyNHS England and GSK fund the disposal of inhalers to reduce greenhouse gases which are given off by the propellant. 73 million inhalers are used in the UK every year. If every user returned them to a pharmacy for incineration, then it would save over 500,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Less environmentally harmful inhalers are now being issued, ask your GP if you can change over, if you have not already done so.
Household batteriesBudgens, Hamfelds,
One Stop
Every year 600 million household batteries are thrown away. These batteries contain hazardous chemicals such as, lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury, and if put in household waste and then to landfill they leach into the ground and cause soil and water pollution. All businesses that sell batteries have a statutory duty to take them back. It costs the businesses nothing to send them off, to have raw materials recovered and used again. Please return batteries to shops.