Did you know, we only have 10 years landfill space in the UK!!   So we need to put as little as possible in our Household Waste bins as possible. So do think what you can do to avoid putting the following in this bin.

Soft PlasticHenfield Sainsbury’s now takes soft plastic, just hand to a staff member, or take to major supermarkets or Co-op stores
Hard PlasticTake to a Household Waste Recycling Site (Tip)
Food WasteThis is 40% of all that is placed in this bin!  Try to avoid food waste – plan
meals around what you have; write a shopping list and stick to it; sort your
fridge; freeze excess food.  Share excess food via the Olio App.  Put peelings etc in your compost bin.
Paper and card Clean paper and card can all be placed in your recycling bin except for shredding or small pieces of paper or card.  Put these in a compost bin.
Wet wipesTry to avoid using these.  Use a flannel or reusable material.  eg Cheeky wipes.
Trays, Tubs, PotsClean these and, regardless of colour, place in your Recycling bin.  
Plastic or Glass bottles with lids or cartonsClean and place all of these in your recycling bin with their lids, soap pumps or trigger sprays on. With plastic bottles, please squeeze before replacing the lid, so it doesn’t come off in the recycling lorry.
Usable Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Bedding & CurtainsTry to re-use or re-fashion.  Recycle in charity shops, Jumble sales, Swap sales, Bags of Support (info@bagsofsupport.co.uk)  Book in online with Horsham District Council (HDC) for a kerbside collection from your home. Dunelm take duvets, pillows and curtains.  If clothes need repair, consider Henfield Repair Cafe.
InhalersTake to any pharmacy to be destroyed sustainably.  New more environmentally friendly inhalers available via your GP.
Disposable Vaping TubesThese are a major litter problems and contain a lithium battery. Some stores take them back.  Otherwise, collect up and book in online with HDC for a kerbside collection from your home as small electricals.
Household Batteries      These contain land and water polluting chemicals.  Never put in a household waste bin as they can cause fires.  Recycle so that raw materials can be recovered in any shop that sells them.  Or place in a plastic bag on top of your recycling bin for the Council to collect.
Metal Food & Drink Cans & Trays, Aluminium foil & lids aerosols, biscuit &
sweet tins
Empty and clean and place in your recycling bin. Wrap aluminium lids from yoghurt pots, milk bottles, etc in waste foil. Other metal items take to a Household waste recycling site (Tip)
Electrical / battery Operated EquipmentIf in working order, sell or give away online, or if in good saleable condition offer to Sustainable Henfield to sell.   If not working, consider Henfield Repair Café.  Take to a Household Waste Recycling Site (Tip).   Book online with HDC for a kerbside collection from your home -small items are collected free of charge. 
Light bulbsTake to a Household Waste Recycling Site (Tip)
Chemicals –Solvents, Oil, Pesticides, PaintTake to the Household Waste Recycling Site (Tip) for raw materials to be recovered. Never put in household waste bin as can be flammable or hazardous to the environment.