SH2030 are keen to reduce all the waste going into landfill from Henfield and that includes the disposable face masks and disposable gloves that we often need in public settings. Horsham District Council recently awarded Sustainable Henfield 2030 a Community Climate Fund grant for recycling disposable PPE via the introduction of zerowaste bins at strategic points around Henfield.

It is great to start the scheme off, especially as the need for PPE masks against Covid 19 will continue for some foreseeable time, even after vaccination.

The first Zero Waste box is now is located in the foyer of St Peter’s Church, so churchgoers can drop their gloves and masks in when they attend for private worship between 1-5pm.

There will be more boxes around in Henfield for PPE as more public buildings become accessible again and we will publicise these asap.
In the meantime, we can deposit our used PPE in the special Terracycle zero waste recycling box at the St Peter’s Church. Safely disposing of PPE will help to reduce landfill and the likelihood of masks littering our pavements too.

Thank you to The Reverend Paul Doick and all at St Peter’s Church for helping our community recycle a little bit more.