Hard Plastic Recycling

We can now recycle some hard plastic at Burgess Hill, Horsham or Shoreham Household Waste Recycling sites (Tip).

  • No brittle plastic, eg CD cases
  • No other materials with the plastic, eg metal, fabrics
  • No residue of products in containers eg paint

Here is the list of items that Biffa can take / can’t take:

Yes Please No Thanks
Storage containers X Children’s car seats
Buckets & bins X Polycarb roofing sheets
Plastic Patio furniture X Upholstered plastic car seats
Large children’s garden toys X Crash helmets
Car bumpers X Brittle plastics eg CD cases
Gutters, downpipes, etc X Drums with liquids
Wheelie bins & composters X Swimming pools
Water butts X Garden hose
Traffic cones X Films, sheeting
Traffic barriers (feet removed) X Furniture unless 100% plastic
Single stream plastic X Petrol cans
Hangers X Pint tins (unless triple washed)
Plant pots (no soil) X Mastic tubes
Rigid bottle tops X Any toys/tools with a battery
X Fibreglass

Sustainable Henfield take all the mixed bottle tops you give us in Cornerweighs.   The milk bottle tops are taken out and given to Springboard in Horsham to raise money for this learning disability charity.

Consider asking friends or neighbours if they have items to take, to save journeys

What happens to this Hard Plastic?

It is sent to a transfer station in East Sussex for colour sorting and baling.  Then on to Van Wervan in Selby, Yorkshire.

Recycling process – Van Werven Plastic Recycling (recyclingplastics.eu)

Van Wervan site







Our products – Van Werven Plastic Recycling (recyclingplastics.eu)

Water, pvc and sewer pipes, parts for the automotive industry, construction materials, furniture and household items.