Family Nature Trail

Sustainable Henfield 2030 have designed a Family Nature Trail to help parents introduce their children to the natural world close to home. Just download the trail and the information sheet and follow the trail. The trail crosses busy roads so you will need to shepherd your children across safely.   It has been designed for May and June. At other times of the year, many of the flowers and insects etc will not be around. We do hope you enjoy looking for nature. Obviously, some birds, insects and animals are good at hiding or have gone elsewhere, so we cannot guarantee you will see or hear them, but May and June are active times for nature, so you will see some things and the information sheet suggests websites to explore further what you have seen.

In July we will award two £10 vouchers to two 7 to 13 year olds. One voucher was donated by Stokes shop in the High Street and one by Sustainable Henfield. If your child wants to enter the competition, please help them to email their words to us describing EITHER what they saw on the trail OR what they think of the natural world. They should add their name and age and email either or both to

Enjoy nature and do what you can to help it.