Chicken Gratin

Here’s another of Cristina’s Spanish recipes for left-over chicken and/or vegetables-



200g cooked chicken in bite sized pieces or a mixture of chicken and veg such as peas or broccoli  or use just veg including a root vegetable and perhaps, beans, but nothing too moist or the mixture will be too runny.

1 pint of thinnish white sauce.  You can add some grated nutmeg if you like.

For the topping-

75g oats (the larger the better)

25g cold butter

50g grated cheddar cheese

25g flour (wholemeal and/or grain based flour make for a tastier topping)

Salt and pepper

You need a 20cm oven proof dish

Set the oven to 200 C/ gas mark 6


Make the topping as for a crumble pudding

Place the chicken and/or veg  and the white sauce in the baking dish combining evenly

Cover this evenly with the crumble topping

Put in the middle of the oven for 10 min

Turn on the grill and when it’s hot, place the dish under it for about 10 minutes but be careful the food doesn’t burn

Serve with rice and/or vegetables.

There are many other recipes for using up chicken left over from a roast.  Do please add your own here on our “Get involved” page, or on our Instagram or Facebook pages and they can be added to Cristina’s, often Spanish, recipes for using up left-over food, which she plans to put together into a book, which can be sold to raise funds for the Henfield Haven