Consumer Group

This group is taking action to find ways of addressing issues around the manufacture, retailing and consumption of materials which are damaging to the environment. We are exploring the different approaches we can take action on – these are easy to remember as they all start with the letter R:

  • Reduce  avoid products that use unnecessary packaging. Contact manufacturers and retailers to request that alternatives be found. 
  • Refill –  Encourage local cafes, pubs and public spaces to make sure drinking water is readily available and remember to carry a reusable water bottle with you.
  • Reuse – remember to take a reuseable bag with you when you go shopping.
  • Refuse  to accept unnecessary packaging from retailers and return it to them for disposal. Refuse plastic straws when buying a drink in bars and restaurants.
  • Repair  giving new life to items which would otherwise end up in landfill. The Repair Café  which is a national initiative is helping to address this problem. 
  • Re-purpose – When an item has fulfilled its original purpose, find a new way of using it.
  • Rot – Raw fruit and vegetable peelings, and green garden waste can all be rotted down using a compost bin in your own garden. More information, including a full list of how and what to compost.


The SH2030 group have Plastic Free Community status under the Surfers against Sewage Scheme. The aim is to encourage local traders and businesses to find alternatives to single-use plastics – kicking our addiction and changing the system that produces it.

We have set up a recycling scheme through which local resident will be able to recycle many more items which are not currently recyclable through Horsham District Council’s Blue Top Bin collection. This is via our local businesses and shops who have volunteered to become collection points for different recycling streams. Some of these are to support charities and to protect the environment. Others are part of the TerraCycle scheme to take plastics out of the landfill. Visit the Recycling in Henfield page for full information about the scheme and how you can get involved.

Another important initiative is the Repair Cafe which was due to be launched in March 2020 but due to Covid is now suspended. This will enable local residents to take broken items, which would usually end up in landfill, to be repaired by a team of volunteers. We hope this will cover a broad range of items including electronics, computers, wood, textiles and metal items.