COVID-19 NOTICE SH2030 has suspended its activities which involve public gatherings. We continue to carry out other work, including recycling and campaign work for climate change, where this can be done by meeting COVID guidelines . As restrictions are eased we will commence activities that comply with any amended guidelines. Thank you for your support.

About us

Who We Are

Henfield is playing its part in supporting action to reduce climate breakdown and has formed a new community group called Sustainable Henfield 2030. Its aims are to raise awareness of the issues of climate change and the impact on the natural world by providing information and support to individuals, families and businesses in Henfield on how they can play their part in ensuring a sustainable future.

We have a range of support/action groups that focus on different topics. These include biodiversity, carbon offsetting, (solar cells, electric cars, car sharing), plastic avoidance, food recycling, reuse, production and consumption, contacts with other groups, etc. We are not a radical or party political group but one that wants to share and act on our concerns within the wider community.

Our Objectives

Sustainable Henfield 2030 or SH2030 support people and businesses in Henfield and the surrounding area to help them become more sustainable. 

The date 2030 is in the group’s name because this is the year that scientists believe the global temperature increase can be contained to no more than 1.5 degrees centigrade as long as carbon emissions are reduced by 25%.

The aims of SH2030 are to:

  • Raise awareness of the impact of fossil fuel emissions and its impact on the natural environment.
  • Support people and businesses to take action in reducing their Carbon Footprint

  • Give Henfield residents a place to recycle plastics and other product to raise money for local charities


Our Structure

SH2030 is a federal group within the Henfield Community PartnershipMembership is open to any person over 16 or any organisation, living or located in Henfield and the surrounding area who is interested in helping SH2030 to achieve its aims and is willing to abide by group’s rules.

Members are encouraged to calculate their carbon footprint, with the help of the group and to pledge to reduce it via the West Sussex Carbon Pledge.

Action Groups are the most important part of SH2030. Any member can join any number of Action Groups. The Action Groups currently are:

These groups are coordinated by a small committee.